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What Components Are Combined In A Safe?

Feb 13, 2019

Safes such as the Household Safe Box are familiar to everyone. There are one or two safes in our homes or offices, or the Hotel Safe Deposit Box which can help us store more expensive items or more important items.

We know that the changes in the various models of the safe from the Safe Deposit Box Manufacturer are due to changes in the elements that make up it. So what are the elements of these elements?

household safe box

Door panel: including door panel, lock housing back cover, mechanism, hinge

Anti-theft locks: divided into electronic and mechanical. The electronic lock can be divided into LED liquid crystal display, LCD liquid crystal display and indicator light display from the display aspect, and can be divided into magnetic card type, password type, fingerprint type and remote control type from the operation function, and can be divided into electromagnet type from the opening mode. Motor type

Mechanical locks are divided into mechanical locks and mechanical locks.

Box: including rear plate, outer casing, bottom plate, Cao steel

Transmission mechanism: including the bolt fixing plate and the door bolt. Skateboard and accessories

Accessories: including instructions, packing boxes, certificates, installation of expansion screws, foam, etc.