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How to correct purchase household safe box

Apr 18, 2017

With the improvement of people's living standard and safety consciousness, household safe box has become a trend.

As a modern household safe box, in addition to the insurance function, the appearance of fashion has become a reason for people to buy. So how to choose the right household safe box?

1, size requirements: first determine the safe before buying the size. The size of the main consideration of two aspects, the first is to measure according to the storage size; second is in line with the needs of the safe installation position.

2, anti-theft performance: anti-theft performance is an important indicator to measure the safety of the key parts of the steel plate thickness, material and the choice of locks to be compared

3, the use of habits: the use of the habit of relying mainly on consumers in the choice of locks, locks on the market is mainly mechanical and electronic locks.

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