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How to choose Safe deposit box (one)

Aug 25, 2016

As a professional manufacturer of China safe box, we will tell you how to choose the right high quality safe box.

1, to see whether thesafe deposit box door and the door frame is a plane, the plane gate lying inside the door frame of high safety coefficient.

2, door and door frame gap is uniform and smooth, the door of the four corners if it is a circular arc than the 90 degree angle of the product level.

3, plate thickness, the thickness of the national standard cabinet door must in 10mm, cabinet in 6mm, cabinet put oneself in another's position measurement can through the cabinet back fixed hole measurement.

In the choice of the safe box, you need to pay attention to observation, a high quality of the safe deposit box to be able to protect the safety, we have a variety of types of safe, like Safe Deposit Box, Hotel Cabinet, Gun Cabinet. welcome!

safe deposit box