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How to choose Safe deposit box (two)

Aug 29, 2016

Selection of high quality China safe box, need to pay attention to many aspects, so that the safe can truly reflect the value of the cabinet.

4, look at the weight of the product, the weight of the same model safe deposit box of premium brand, the weight is not too large, if the weight of the cabinet filled with other material, the light of the thickness of the plate is not enough.

5, look at the safe box angle, generally good safe is in the back of the other side are welded, a stamping molding. If it is formed, then in addition to the back, every corner of the cabinet is rounded.

6, to see the safe box bolt is not jacks on the doorframe and a latch corresponding, if do not have the quality and the security is better than.

7, lock parts, good key lock are made of stainless steel, electronic locks the keys on the PVC quality good rubber buttons, rubber buttons good thin plastic button.

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