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How To Choose Safes?

Apr 04, 2018

1) Lock: If the traditional structure is a surface, then the lock is the most important point. Destroying the lock or imitating the key is equivalent to destroying the heart of the anti-theft mechanism. Complex locks prevent damage and key imitation.

2) Auxiliary spare parts: The handling of spare parts must ensure the reliability of their performance in order to deal with the ever-changing use environment.

3) Alarm function: It should be clarified whether there is an automatic alarm function and under what conditions it can be automatically alarmed (such as moving, bumping or three times error code). Of course, the richer the activation conditions are, the better.

4) Anti-corrosion treatment: If this process is not handled well, it will affect the appearance of the cabinet, and if it is serious, it will cause functional damage. Anti-theft safes, including financial safe box, double safe deposit box, should be painted and sprayed with anti-corrosion treatment.

Financial Safe Box