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How To Choose The Right Safe Box?

Apr 08, 2018

1) Appearance: Cumbersome, monotonous is no longer the customer's understanding of the safe box, people are treating it as a family ornament. First observe whether the appearance is smooth and whether the paint is even. Secondly, to observe whether the colors and styling belong to their favorite types, and to choose the actual office environment.

2) Size: The size of the safes should be measured according to its actual needs. If you put it at the corner, you don't have to think too much about the size. If you want to put it in a hidden place, such as a home security safes HS-360E, the size of this safe is up to 50 cm and the weight is within 30 pounds. It is worth noting that safes with a height of more than 50 cm are mostly provided with bottom wheels that can be moved around. Now, the size of safes is variety. Generally, the maximum size is up to 100cm or more. It can also be customized. Customization takes 15 days.

Home Security Safes HS-360E