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How To Correctly Distinguish Steel Safe And Semi Steel Safe?

May 11, 2018

All-steel safe box is 100% made of steel plate with a certain thickness, and the entire box is basically a one-time stamping forming, not easy to be destroyed, and with a certain ability that height drop will not cause the box body break. So safety performance is higher, and the corresponding manufacturing costs are higher.

In contrast, the safe box of the semi-steel safe is a relatively thin steel plate wrapped into a box shape, and then safety box manufacturer filled with a mixture of cement, sand, gravel, etc. The cost is much lower; safety performance, Naturally, is also low, and falling from a height may cause the cabinet to crack.

So, as an ordinary consumer, how to judge the difference between steel and semi-steel from the naked eye. In fact, we only need to gently tap the box by hand, if the sound is very crisp, there is a hollow feeling, that is full Steel safes; on the other hand, if the sound produced is very boring, it feels very real, it is a semi-steel safe.

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