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It is important to choose the safe deposit box panel

May 11, 2017

When it comes to safe panel, for the safe deposit box, of course, the lock is very important, but the thickness of the door material is also very important.

Lock function diversification on the panel:

1, GA lock certification, high-precision locks, GA certification of locks is a more secure lock

2, the emergency key, forget the password can be used when the emergency key with the master key to open the door, but should pay attention to the emergency key can not be put into the box.

3, emergency power supply, when the battery runs out and there is no time to change, you can use the emergency power box, the built-in power supply device to the external exchange.

4, when the password input error three times or the box will produce severe shaking that will send a high decibel alarm sound, only the correct password can be lifted to alert.

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