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Is The Safes, Information Cabinet, Magnetic Cabinet The Same?

Mar 28, 2018

Now many companies are equipped with information cabinets, so many people think that there is no need for safes with information cabinets, in fact, safe box and information cabinets are not the same.

Security business safes are mainly used for theft prevention, and some fire incidentally. Therefore, emphasis is placed on the precision of locks, the thickening of manufactured steel products, and the strengthening of anti-theft performance such as the thickening of lock bolts. Information cabinets are mainly used to store media with important information, such as paper, disks, optical disks, and precision instruments. Therefore, it focuses on the enhancement of functions such as fire prevention, moisture proof, antimagnetic, and antistatic.

Magnetically shielded cabinets are mainly to prevent the discs from being magnetized.

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