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How much is the safe box?

Jun 20, 2019

The safe box:

Business Safes Supplier shares that Safe box is a special container, according to its functions, mainly divided into fireproof safe and burglar safe, magneticproof safe, fireproof magneticproof safe and so on.

Safe box:

Each type of safe has its own national standard. The safe on market is before two kinds more.

The safe of 3C attestation (ark) the actual height that presses cabinet put oneself in another's position (do not include casters height) call safe in 450 millimeter above, the actual height of cabinet put oneself in another's position is below 450 millimeter (include 450 millimeter) call safe.

According to different password working principle, theft-proof safe can be divided into mechanical insurance and electronic insurance two kinds, the former is cheaper in price, more reliable in performance. Early safes were mostly mechanical safes. Electronic safe is electronic password, IC card and other intelligent control mode of electronic lock application to the safe, its characteristics are convenient to use, especially in the use of hotels, often need to change the password, so use electronic password safe, more convenient.

Actually the concept of safe on the market is ambiguous. Safe from the Angle of insurance can be divided into fire safe, burglary safe, magnetic safe and so on.

Business Safes Supplier

Functional & use:

I. The choice of well-off family, the need of happy family.

1. location of important documents and valuables. Be like contract, contract, birth certificate, record of formal schooling certificate, house property certificate, notarial certificate, cannot be found when avoiding to place and need because of disorderly.

2. to place a small amount of emergency or standby cash, commemorative COINS, valuable collection or very personal articles, stamps, COINS, antiques, jewelry, jewelry, gold watch, etc.

3. placing personal items. C. personal special items. D. not allowing others to see the items.

4. Place articles, medicines, dangerous goods (e.g. guns), adult articles, etc. out of reach of children.

⒌ lock-free tendency of modern home decoration, social life is becoming more and more frequent, often in the home under the condition of migrant workers need more, please.

Ii. In commercial offices, Banks, governments, public security, hotels, gas stations, jewelry stores, business halls, atms, cash registers, shopping malls, supermarkets... Is widely used.

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