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Daily maintenance and precautions for safe box

Aug 22, 2016

The Safe Deposit Box of the most reliable insurance device for keeping valuables or confidential documents, how do we maintain it?

1, if there are stains on the surface of the safe box, you can not use chemical solvents to scrub, clean the cloth with a little detergent scrub. If the surface of corrosive chemical solvent cleaning, safe, easy to make the surface paint crack, discoloration, make its oxidation, rust.

2, so that the box at room temperature. Safe in humid and corrosive gas environment, or in the sunshine and strong ultraviolet irradiation, the paint on the surface cracks, discoloration, plastic color, aging, surface rust, oxidation, electronic components, performance instability, easily lead to failure. Therefore, in order to better maintenance of the safe, the cabinet will be placed in the room temperature, to ensure its normal use.

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