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Mechanical Password Safe Box Code Lock Push Code Principle

May 25, 2018

The principle of the mechanical safe box lock is the internal of the lock, and there is a series of wheel disks. The dial on the outside of the lock can turn the notches on each wheel disc together if they are rotated in sequence. When the bolt on the bar is inserted into the notch, the lock can be retracted and unlocked. The scale on the dial can indicate whether the position of the notch on each wheel tray is correct. If the notch on each wheel tray is not on a line, the code lock will not be opened.

General locksmiths can only use a hand drill to drill a small drill bit through the safe door and the lock box into a small hole, and then use a tiny surgeon light into the hole, open the light with a visual dial and observe The movement of the gaps in the wheel trays may be achieved by using a small steel wire to pull in and move the wheel disk so that all the three disk disk openings are reunited at nine o'clock. Or use a code puller to pull out the dial and allow the wheel to drop, so that the lever can no longer jam the wheel, so as to achieve the purpose of opening the hotel safe box. The basic principle of the safe combination lock: wheel plate, dial, latch hook, latch, cover, drive wheel.

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