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You must know the point of select safe box

May 04, 2017

Safe deposit box because of its special function - furniture and security. Special attention should be given to the choice, not only the appearance, but also the function.

1, steel material selection: from the thickness of steel plate, material, etc.. Products through the national 3C certification, solid anti pry.

2, the overall structure: welding gap can not be too large, the internal structure of precision.

3, locks: household safe box lock is the heart of the security agencies. Complex locks can effectively prevent the destruction and key imitation.

4, appearance: first of all, to observe whether the appearance of flat, uniform paint. Second, observe the color, shape is their favorite type, and combined with the actual office environment to buy.

5, size: according to their actual needs to measure the size of the safe box.

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Safe deposit box