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What do you need to consider in choosing household safe box

Jun 15, 2017

In addition to the quality of the household safe box, it is more important to choose the right ones for the home safe boxs. Consider the following questions first:

1, safe deposit place, choose safe box size. The choice of size mainly considers two aspects. The first is to measure the size of the articles to be stored according to the requirements. Especially, the maximum size of the length, width and height of the articles to be stored is matched with the case. Second is in line with the requirements of the installation of the safety box, generally installed in the wall of the safe depth of not more than 20 cm, installed in the wardrobe depth is not more than the depth of the wardrobe.

2, safe deposit box will be used regularly, choose the safe way to open. The use of habit depends mainly on the consumer's choice of locks, and the locks on the market are mainly mechanical and electronic, and fingerprint locks.

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