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What factors affect the price of household safe box

Nov 11, 2016

In our work and family life, for the storage of valuables have certain requirements, choose the safe deposit box is a good choice. But its quality and price are our primary consideration when buying household safe box, and we need to know:

1, specifications: customer demand is different, different specifications of the home safe, the price is different.

2, plate: plate is the basic elements of the impact of the price of the safe. The weight and quality of the safety cabinet is very important to ensure the safety of the use of the customer.

3, the design scheme: the design scheme is based on the size of the room and the specific requirements of customers to make, so it is most affected by the product offer.

4, technology: in order to meet the needs of customers, improve work efficiency, will continue to innovate and upgrade the function and technology of the safe box. Then according to the different technical content, the price also has the very big difference.

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