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Safe Box Use Precautions

Jun 27, 2018

With the improvement of living standards, the use of safe box has become more and more extensive, such as home safes, office safes, hotel safe box and so on. Next we will take a look at safe maintenance and related knowledge.

Safe maintenance attention

In general, our safes do not need to be repaired regularly, because safes are generally very good at quality. However, we usually pay attention to some details in our daily use. The first is the battery. Nowadays, many safes are electronic safes and all need to be powered on. Therefore, high-quality, leak-free alkaline batteries should be used in normal use. When placing the batteries, they must also pay attention to the positive and negative electrodes. Remember that long-term no use, be sure to remove the battery from the battery compartment. When purchasing a safe, the keys, manuals, and a series of things that come with the safe should all be well preserved. 

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