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Safe Locker Principle

May 30, 2018

At present, most domestic mechanical password safe locker are mainly based on three wheeled discs, and basically all on the market are safe box with 100-dial dials. The old safes (boxes) have 90-slots dials, dials of number 80, dials of number 70, dials of number 60, new financial safe box all have false gaps <counterfeit>, some three, some five, Some fake mouths, like teeth, use the old method of temptation to open the handle and test the gap. It does not work. Some of the three disks are not the same size. Finding a number in the drive and then pushing the code, this method is relatively slow, the opening rate can only reach about 60 to 70 percent, and now there are a lot of safes (boxes) are fixed with screws and cotters drive the disk.

Financial Safe box