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How to identify the safety of your safe deposit box

Nov 01, 2016

The safety of the safe deposit box, it depends on the hardware doesn't pass. Such as: the box thickness is enough, the thick, the panel lock has not certified the safety performance of these specific hardware.

1, the door

A lot of the safe door just a small slit. The door is too large, will be conducive to the crowbar and other tools of violence open, attention should be paid to this area.

2, link

If the link between the door and the box is not strong, then the violence is also very easy to open. Therefore, the choice of the safe deposit box, please select the hinges look firm and open the convenience of.

3, magnetic head

In today's market, the majority of the insurance box on the electronic class is used to open the head, the head technology is to prevent the theft of technical open method.

These are the details that are not easy to notice when choosing a safe deposit box, like household safe box, hotel cabinet etc. But these often have a huge impact on the safety of a safe deposit box. Please look seriously.

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