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Steel Used In Financial Safe Box Is Different From Other Steels

May 03, 2018

A wide variety of steels, high strength, high ductility with easy to break, according to its tensile strength, elastic modulus, plasticity, impact toughness, cold brittleness, hardness, cold bending properties, weldability, heat treatment cold processing and aging can be distinguished. The financial safe box is not the same as steel and other steel.

Steel is an iron-carbon alloy with a carbon content of between 0.0218% and 2.11%. In order to ensure its toughness and plasticity, the carbon content generally does not exceed 1.7%.

The high-quality low-carbon alloy steel used by hotel safekeeping box is a Q235A steel plate. Q235 is a carbon structural steel. The carbon structural steel is generally not subjected to heat treatment but is used directly in the supply state.

Usually Q195, Q215, Q235 steel carbon low mass fraction, good welding performance, good plasticity, toughness, have a certain strength.

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