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The Gun Cabinet Exporter And Household Safe Box

Aug 13, 2018

We are the Gun Cabinet Exporter, but we not only produce gun cabinets. We also produce Household Safe Box.

The gun cabinet is a cabinet for storing light weapons or exhibitions. After the gun cabinet originated from the safe, it was mainly a special gun safe for the reasonable management of firearms. The gun cabinet as a tool for the management of firearms and ammunition is an important part of the unified management of the judicial department.

Gun cabinets can be divided into ordinary gun cabinets, fingerprint gun cabinets and digital network gun cabinets according to their internal structure and usage. According to the different storage guns, they can be divided into: pistol cabinets, rifle cabinets, machine gun cabinets, explosion-proof gun cabinets, etc.

The safe is a special container. According to its functions, it is mainly divided into fire safe and anti-theft safe, anti-magnetic safe, fireproof and anti-magnetic safe and fire-proof anti-theft safe. Each type of safe has its own national standard. Most of the safes on the market are the first two. According to different password working principles, the anti-theft safe can be divided into mechanical insurance and electronic insurance. The former is characterized by relatively cheap price and reliable performance. Most of the early safes were mechanical safes. The electronic safe is an electronic lock that uses an intelligent control method such as an electronic password or an IC card to be applied to the safe. The feature is that it is convenient to use, especially when used in a hotel, the password needs to be changed frequently, so the electronic password safe is used. More convenient.

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